Mera Sultan Episode 268 Feb 8 2014 Full Episode


Mera Sultan Episode 268 Feb 8

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Season 2 story

Before Sadıka is able to kill Süleyman, he manages to disarm her and she is sentenced to prison. Later she is killed by Matrakçı who is found guilty for helping her to post messages and killing Sadika is his punishment. Spanish Princess Isabella and her servant are kidnapped by Turkish pirates and sold to Süleyman. They live in isolation in forest in a hunting lodge. Süleyman wants to use them as an advantage when he will bargain with European sovereigns. Isabella wants to escape and when she fails several times. Hürrem is jealous and threatens Isabella. Eventually she helps her to escape but the princess is stopped by Ibrahim. Isabella falls in love with Süleyman, she moves into the harem and becomes Süleyman’s favorite. Hürrem with the help of Gül, Nigar and Nilüfer succeed in killing her.

Meanwhile Bali bey falls in love with a Jewish girl called Armin. The relationship is against the will of Armin’s father and he makes her leave the city. When she returns, she is gravely ill. Bali Bey eventually marries her with the blessing of her father and next day Armin dies.

Hatice gives birth to a boy but she accidentally kills him. She leaves her palace and goes to Edirne in order to recover. Meanwhile, Ibrahim once sleeps with Nigar and then he sends her to Topkapi Palace.

Hatice becomes pregnant with twins. Mahidevran gives the Valide Sultan a note of Leo about Hürrem. She calls Hürrem to her chambers, but then Valide

Hurrem tells Suleyman that she cannot make charity because she is a slave. Süleyman frees her and when he goes to her room for a night, she tells him that she cannot share a bed with him because she is a free woman and her religion forbids her from sharing a bed with a man if she is not married, Suleyman thinks that she did the drama of the charity because she wants to marry him. She is sent to the Crimean Palace under the orders of the Sultan and the Valide Sultan sets a trap for her, she puts some attackers to kill Hürrem but Bali Bey saves her. She is back to Topkapi Palace and the Sultan decides to marry her.

After marrying Hürrem Sultan, Sultan Süleyman comes to give the Valide Sultan the news of his action, but when Hürrem Sultan tries to kiss her hand she stands up and shows displeasure with his deed which she considers unacceptable. Valide faints in sultan’s arms and they take her to her chambers to rest. Mahidevran Sultan becomes surprised then angry, she decided not to lower her head down anymore.

Ibrahim is shot during the ceremony with an arrow and it turns out that it was poisoned. Hürrem is afraid that they would blame her for this because she did send an archer to kill Ibrahim, but she called off the attack at the last minute when she saw Hatice was upset. Ibrahim’s attacker was another archer sent by one of the veziers to kill him. Nigar, Matrakçı and Sümbül travel to heal Ibrahim in one of the hot springs.

Furious, Mahidevran comes to Süleyman’s door and asks his guardian to announce her, but Süleyman refuses to receive her arguing that he is busy.. She requests her freedom to spend her life as a free woman which Süleyman denies. She then asks him to send her to exile with her son as happens when princes become of age, but he tells her she can leave, but his son stays with him. Mustafa convinces his father to send them both to Edirne Palace.

At the Valide Sultan’s initiative, her niece Aybige comes to Topkapi palace from Crimea, to be protected from the succession infighting between the Valide’s brothers upon the death of their father, the Crimean ruler. They tell Aybige to stay away from Hürrem because she could be a bad influence on her, but she is stubborn and Hürrem is known all the way to her homeland so she decides to be friends with her. She falls in love with Bali Bey during this season as he is the one in charge of security of the entire royal family.

Nigar Hatun is married to Matrakçı Nasuh Efendi on initiative of Hatice and the Valide Sultan. Nigar is not pleased by her wedding because she is in love with Ibrahim, the Grand Vizier. On her first night in her new house, she is surprised to see Ibrahim entering and he tells her that he and Matrakçı had a deal and that he is the one she will be with from now on. Nigar is happy at this turn of events.

Meanwhile, Hatice gives birth to twins, one boy and one girl (Osman and Huricihan) and Ibrahim is happy to see her holding both babies in her hands and also surprised. Nigar is not pleased by this.

Time passed and at the age of 17, Mustafa comes back to Topkapi to be with his father until he is sent into exile.

While the Sultan is away at war, the Valide Sultan and Mahidevran conspire against Hürrem. The Valide Sultan places a spy and pretends to let Hürrem lead the harem for a while. During the rebellion provoked by the Valide’s spy, Fatma, one of the slaves is accused of stealing gold and the innocent girl burns herself. The slaves take torches and march towards Hürrem’s chambers and try to burn her, but Daye and the guardians save her. Daye gets fired for this.

When Sultan comes back and finds out what happened, he gives the Valide Sultan a lecture about how she is not capable of leading the harem and he is tired of all the fights. He is also angry with Ibrahim because he didn’t give him Hürrem’s letter while they were in the war, but Ibrahim says that he didn’t want to worry him and that he has given orders to Daye and Nigar to protect Hürrem ever since Sultan made him responsible for her life. Sultan gives Daye back her post.


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Mera Sultan Episode 268 Feb 8 2014 Full Episode

 Hurrem Dance Mera Sultan  Episode 268 Feb 8 2014 Full Episode

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